Monday, 20 June 2016

Datazen? what is it and where did it come from?

In 2002 a Canadian company called ComponentArt located in Toronto started to focus on report specifically on “Mobile BI App”, and that is where datazen came from.

              They had thousands of customers and Microsoft decided to buy this company, I assume that it was taken over by Microsoft around 2014ish, and in 2016 it was a part of the Microsoft BI tool (Link) know as “SSRS Mobility Suite”. I think that the best thing that Microsoft did within SQL Server was to reconstruct the entire reporting services to an unbelievable level, and to top it all they combined SSRS, Datazen and Power BI together.

              Datazen was known to be an on perm software and it still is but you can still have datazen hosted in a virtual environment in the cloud.

What you should know about datazen is

1.      It is an Analytical tool, mainly used for Mobile and tablet.

2.      It is NOT a data discovery tool, to me this is the most important part to understand specifically when you want to start learning and designing with Datazen

3.      It is a “Touch Analyst” tool and is supported for offline usage.

4.      The best Rich interactive visualization that I have seen in years.

5.      Simplicity and rapid deployment and predefined data for designers.

A peek at Datazen publisher


Some references


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